Birthday weekend

Last weekend mostly consisted of my family celebrating both my father’s and my brother’s birthday. This meant eating lots of cakes, having family over having drinks and listen to the same old stories we tell at every birthday. You know, just the things we all like have to do on an average birthday, right? Though personally, having to spend the whole weekend entertaining family and eating lots of unhealthy food is not really my cup of tea. I do love birthday parties and I sure love to attend them. Just not when I am obligated to stay throughout two days and entertain the whole crowd. Including serving drinks, cake and other foods.

Now why celebrate both their birthdays in the exact same weekend? Well, like I mentioned, we have a big family. So celebrating it in one single day is almost impossible. Apart from that, my father ages a year on the 1st of September, whilst my brother ages on the 2nd day of September. So basically, ever since my little brother has been born, we celebrate their birthdays this way. Does makes sense right? Though, from my brothers younger years I remembered very well he didn’t like celebrating his birthday the day after my dad. He never really got the attention he would have gotten when he would actually have it on another day. Most of my family turned their attention towards my father (especially his own brothers and sisters) instead of my (back than) baby brother.

Luckily, I managed to get out of the house for a few hours on Sunday to play a football game. It allowed me to get some fresh air, see my friends and have a beer with them as well. Every Sunday is a little party to us, because it’s great fun playing together and grabbing drinks afterwards. Since we won 6-3 the atmosphere was great. So that was some relief to quite a boring weekend. Though that might just have been what I needed, because this week is going to be an extremely busy one. As I have something to attend every single night for the next eight or nine days. Who said life was not good? Not me!


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