Non regular Tuesday

Today was supposed to be just another regular Tuesday. You know, the kind of day where I wake up, eat breakfast and drink some coffee before I get my ass over to the office. Just to have another casual day of work and then head home. Okay, I in the meantime I have and even get into town to have a better cup of coffee, but that’s about as exciting as it gets. Then I go home, have dinner with my family and check my e-mail afterwards. All finished in time to get my ass over to the football club for a trainings night, but as you all very well understand already. Today not the day it was supposed to be.

Today turned out just to be one of those days where everything worked against me. First of all, I woke up with my eye burning like hell. Hell, I was barely able to keep it open and therefore not seeing a damn thing. Until this very moment I don’t know what caused my eye to reach such a high level of irritation, but it did. Okay, I am a little sensitive too much sunlight in my eyes, but I wore my sunglasses all the time lately. Luckily, a few drops in the morning, after lunch and when I returned home made it a lot better. So let’s just hope it stays this way. So as we speak my eye feels much better, but I will drop just one more time. Just to make it stays the way it is right now.

Apart from that, my stomach wasn’t playing well with me. So I had cramps the whole day. I won’t fill you guys in other details, because I don’t want to traumatize anyone. Okay, that’s a little exaggerated, but it wasn’t pleasant. As a result, I didn’t really had the energy to get myself over to my football club and attend training. Given the results of my cramps, that might as well have been for the best. As I wouldn’t have spent much time on the field. I guess I will make up for it next Friday when there is another training scheduled.

Now after spending so much ‘misery’ with you all, there is good news as well. First of all, I spend much of tonight talking to a friend about what has happened to me lately. I guess she was the right person in the right time to listen to me. What I shared will be on later, but I don’t feel up to share it with everyone yet. Either way, she was a big help and I am thankful to have friends to whom I can talk to in such a personal way. Apart from that, I spoiled myself with a great coffee from my favorite espresso bar. So I guess such little things make up for the down sides of days like these.


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