Great friends make great nights

Yes, my dear Friends! It is Wednesday already and that means tomorrow I will be attending the Coldplay concert in Holland! Getting jealous already? Well, that’s good, because I just know it is going to be epic. And hell yes, I am super excited to finally go see them live. All with the help of a great colleague who helped me by ticket in the pre-sale. Then again, first there was this Wednesday to get passed. Though it wasn’t going to be hard, because there has been lots of things to do really.

First there was the regular day at the office. Now that’s never a dull moment on Wednesday. With one colleague having a day off and another one working at home, the telephone is often busy. Apart from that, Wednesday always comes with a lot of jokes. I guess it has everything to do with half of the week being done. So time really flew buy peeps.

During lunch break I went to my favorite my favorite espresso bar again, to get a cappuccino. A very good one to be honest. He also provided me with the pleasure of having a ‘regular’ coffee he had just brew. With coffee from Ethiopia. Quite an experience, because it’s nothing like the coffee we normally serve in Holland. Still, after I got used to its strong and bitterer taste I really enjoyed it. It really got my brain working again, so only positives on this part.

When I got back home after a day at the office, I had to change the desk in my room. I got myself a new one and thus those meant moving out the old and replace it with the new one. Not that much work, but I had to connect my computer and such back, which actually took me quite some time. I am not a real technician you know.

I closed my day by having drinks with an old colleague and friend (the same person, just to be clear). Whilst we worked together, we just had this click. So we decided it would be fun to get up to speed with one-another. Apart from that, we share a lot of humor, so we laughed a lot, had good conversation and basically, had a great night together. She is really the type of friend you can talk to about almost anything. Such genuine things make me truly feel happy and all! So believe when I say that having such friends is a blessing! Given the fact it was a success, we will do this soon again!


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