Coldplay was beyond words

What is a blogger supposed to when the excitement he or she likes to share is basically beyond words? Shut his or her mouth and just let all of you enjoy the videos that might come close to the experience one want to share? Well, probably, but then what is the point in blogging about it in the first place? So I guess it would only be fair to share the following two videos from the Coldplay concert with you all, before I will try to begin to share the actual feeling from this breathtaking, amazingly well and beyond comparison concert.

Okay, well I figure this first video explain it all! This band is so unbelievably good when they are performing live! I mean, just look at the video. They are real amazing performers. Masters of their instruments and Chris Martin is probably the best singer I have seen live in my life. Seriously, he is always moving, jumping, running, dancing and playing guitar or playing the piano. Still, he never misses a note whilst he sings. It never sounds like he is out of breath. No, the opposite might be true. It looks and sounds like he is doing it all that easy, whilst everyone is aware of how difficult it truly is. It’s just incredible, basically beyond words. So believe me I felt blessed I was able to attend the concert.

The concert took place in The Hague, which is close to my home town. So after I bought the tickets last December, a friend, his sister and I got to the concert finally yesterday. It leaves no questions we got there hours before the concert and were still ‘close’ to the stage. Especially knowing there were over 50 thousand people behind us.

I have been excited about this for weeks and it was worth the wait. Well worth the wait, because it was breathtaking. I never saw a band that was so good and that got a crowd going like they did. It was really like the whole crowd, over sixty thousand people, gone nuts. There was singing, dancing, waving, jumping and clapping. Basically, everything you expect from such a big concert. No wonder, because from the first to the last note they got me and probably everyone else as well hypnotized. They pull you in and won’t let you go until hours after the concert! Really, you just had to be there to fully understand the impact the concert of this band has. It was, without a doubt, the best concert I have ever seen!

The only down part was that public transportation failed big time when everyone had to be taken home. Despite the fact they could have prepared for months in advance, it all got wrong. Then again, I don’t think anyone let it spoil a fantastic night.


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