Busy Friday

Yesterday I started of the day by telling you how amazing my Coldplay concert had been. Something I am still truly positive about writing, because it was magnificent. It was the best concert I have seen in my life, for what’s worth it. The only minor downside might be that my legs and body were acing, with a busy Friday ahead of me. Still, I managed to make the best out of day I would have rather skipped.

Well, as all of you guys already know, I started of the day buy sharing my experience from the Coldplay concert with you all. This meant, writing my blog, uploading the videos to my Youtube channel and find some pictures to complete the post. With that and breakfast, the morning was gone in the blink of an eye. Though this far a large part down to the fact I couldn’t get myself out of bed until past ten in the morning. This left me with little time left in the morning, to be honest with you all.

In the afternoon I took my mother for a little shopping trip in Zoetermeer. We both needed to get presents for a dinner party my parents and I got invited for. One of my old neighbors’ daughters, someone who I consider to be a niece, turned thirty. In order to celebrate, they threw a dinner party for her. Apart from the present, I also bought two new boxer shorts at H&M, form their David Beckham collection. I liked their sweatpants and pajama shirts and I really hope their boxer shorts will fit as comfy as those did. So I just started off with two to give them a try. After that, We had a little coffee at the Douwe Egberts café.

Like every Friday I had to attend football training in the evening. Not quite a good idea when you are still tired from the day before. So I gave it my best, managed to enjoy myself and perform at a decent level, but ended up exhausted. And really longing for my bed already.

Still, I had to attend a birthday party from a friend at first. He had turned twenty-one a few weeks ago, but had no time to celebrate his birthday earlier. It was great to see most of my friends there again. It had been a while since I saw some of them, due to all the vacations and such. Then again, I also got increasingly annoyed by some of my friends just being rude, childish and loud. Not to mention the fact that some of them followed me like their lives depended on it. Ugh! Hopefully, the birthday I have to go next Friday will be more relaxed. Or maybe I am just getting old?


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