Dinner party Saturday

Yesterday I told you all about the Friday after the Coldplay concert. Well, thanks to that busy day my body hurt like it had been hit by a truck. Honestly, when I woke up this morning, my legs felt so sore and all. Then again, it only means that I am well alive and that I gave all I had during the training session on Friday, right? Besides, there wasn’t much room to feel sorry for myself, because Saturday was busy as well.

I woke up late, had breakfast and cleaned out some parts of my room. After that, it was lunch time and so I had to eat something again. How unfortunate. In the afternoon I helped my brother to buy beer for his birthday party next week, took a bath, watch the Vuelta a Espana and saw my grandmother. All before heading out to a dinner party.

Like I told you all last night, the family and I had to attend a dinner party in honor of my niece. Due to a festivity in the village the restaurant was, we got there early. Just to be able to park the car close by. Unfortunately, cops decided to close the roads early. Causing us to park the cars a few miles away from the actual place where it all was going to happen. A bummer, especially as we had no clue how to get to the restaurant by foot. So we walked around for quite some time, before we accidentally stumbles upon the place.

Well, it was worth the trouble we got into. It was great to see my niece, her father, her sisters and some other relatives of hers again. We had a fun time, good conversation and there was a lot of laughter. Not to mention the fact that he food was great, there were lots of beer and other drinks. We all started out with a toast and Champaign. To congratulate her on getting thirty (sorry, had to mention). After that, we ordered our food. After they served the first dish, we had to wait a lot of time before the second dish came. We literally had to wait an hour after that. Then again, it all was well worth waiting for and I really enjoyed this little night out.

After dinner I got home, watched the first two episodes of the eight season of Entourage and then got to bed.


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