Blown away by Nickelback

Sunday is a lazy for most people, but never truly for me. Half of the time I have to play a football match, which takes a lot of effort and time. Not today, but still it wasn’t going to be the kind of Sunday most people look for. A few months back I bought tickets for the Nickelback concert in Amsterdam and last Sunday night it was finally time to go see this Canadian rock band perform live.

Of course I never go to a concert all by myself and today I was accompanied by a good friend and his father. Both wanted to see them live, so why not? We met three hours before the support act would start and took a quick bite together. I settled for two sandwiches and a can of Red Bull, whilst my friend and his father both took fries. Due to the good weather we enjoyed our dinner outside, soaking up some sun. After that, we just sat down with all the other fans, waiting for the concert hall to open its doors and let us in.

The concert started with the support act Daughtry. Some of you might be familiar with the band, others may not. No matter what, he turned out to be the support act that every band looked for. His music fitted the crowd, most people were familiar with his music and he got the crowd going. Moreover as he played all his hits, which were quite some songs to be honest. Not to mention he was performing really well. Much better than the support act that Coldplay took last Thursday. Therefore I was already getting out of my head during the support act and it got me all fired up for Nickelback later.

When Nickelback entered the stage, they rocked the house from the first second. The moment they started their concert with This Means War, the crowd got wild, including myself. A reaction that was empowered when they played With Something In Your Mouth after that one. From that moment I knew I was in for a great rock show. Nickelback played all their hit songs, all the songs the fans are truly into. Except maybe for Savin’ Me, but that did nothing short of the great show. With only thirty extra speakers and their instruments, they pulled of an old fashioned rock show. No fancy stuff, just the band, the fans and their music. Quite an unique experience for someone who almost grew up with special effects.

Seriously, this whole concert was amazing. I was blown away, whilst Nickelback rocked the house. They showed to be a true rock band and not just one with a poppy sound, but also with true rock songs that get a crowd mad. Really people, Chard Kroeger does have what it takes to be the front man of a full grown rock band. He has an amazing song and both does a great job on the more accessible songs as he does on the more edgy songs. Not to mention the fact they proved to be true performers. It caused me to have a husky voice today, it took a couple of decibel from my ears, but it was all worth it. It was an amazing concert. A night to just enjoy and get out of my head. Well worth it! Truly enjoyed myself!


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