Friday = Birthday time

I love having a big family and all. Even more when I was a kid, because it always got me lots of presents for my birthday and such. Now my brother and I are growing older, it’s not that fun anymore. It often means that we have to celebrate our birthday two or three times at least. One time for the family, one time for friends of the family and lastly for our own friends. Last Friday the last group came over to celebrate. Could be fun, right?

Since we both have a large group of friends, my brother had to invite at least a dozen people come celebrate. Most of the guys and girls that came are mutual friends, we know from the football team we both play in. Being with such a group, with mostly guys and just a couple of girls, means there is going to be a lot of noice. Therefore we decided to keep the music down, but that didn’t stop the party.We had enough beer and snacks for probably two teams, so you can all figure how fun this party became anyway.

It was nice to catch up with my friends again, though I saw many of them on C’s birthday party already. Then again, in the comfort of my own home it was a better suited event to catch up with most of them. Although, some of them are basically the same guys with the same story over and over again. Oh well, I guess that’s what you have to deal with when you are friends right? Besides, we can still laugh about the same silly stories and jokes So it was a fun night, for everyone I believe. I really enjoyed myself. Until I felt so tired that I just wanted to go to bed.

Luckily fof me, a lot of them had to get up early and left not long after I felt tired. So I cleaned a bit to help my brother and then got to bed. To catch some well deserved hours of sleep.


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