How one song can change a weekend

After the birthday party my brother threw last night, I decided it was going to be a slow Saturday. The past week had been exciting and exhausting enough. I love how I did so many incredible and nice things, but it takes its toll. Since I have a fulltime job there is only little time to slow down. Then again, I wasn’t hangover or anything, so that slow Saturday turned out to be not that slow after all. So I headed out and got ‘busy’ anyway.

In the afternoon I went to Zoetermeer with my little brother. He needed to pick up new football shoes, he had ordered. After that, we got to the movie theater where he had to pick up tickets for that nights movie. After that, we just went to some shops to look at stuff we didn’t really need. So neither of us bought anything. We did became members for a well-known Dutch television station called BNN. After that, we got home and watched football, Premier League and Bundesliga.

First I thought of staying home for the night, until I found a friend I hadn’t seen in a while was home. So I got to her place and we watched the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, with her brother and a friend of his. Great movie, but I like the ones staring Kate Beckinsale better. After that, we started to listen to some music. Some of better than others, but one song stuck with me. It was the Zutons, who sang Valerie. A song that got well known for Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse singing it together. I have been a true fan of hers, but liked the song. Now I found this version below, which I like even better. Made my whole weekend much better instantly!


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