A Saturday night with TED

Since Saturday was the only day I could stay in bed for as long as I wished, I got up late. I was much in for a slow day anyway. The only thing I really had planned was to go to the movies with two close friends and that was about it. Then again, I realized I was in need of a pair of new shoes for this fall and one of my favorite shops was exchanging old shoes for discount, so the day didn’t get that slow at all. Then again, no complaints

So after I had lunch with the family, I decided to head out to do some shopping. Given the fact fall is coming at us quickly, I hoped to be able to score a new pair of shoes suitable for the winter. Sadly, that turned out to be false hope. It was merely a left over from the summer collection and some pairs of shoes I was last winter as well. So I guess I have to wait another week or two before I can finally get some new ones. Oh well, on the bright part, it means I will have another shopping trip in store, which I kind a like.

After dinner, I met up with my two friends and we drove to the The Hague. That’s about a twenty mile drive. So for sure there are movie theaters closer, but we just like the one in The Hague. It’s just newer and more advanced, not to mention the air circulation is just better. This makes it all more comfortable.

Well, TED was just an amazing movie. Already for the fact that Mila Kunis had a role in the movie (yes, I am a fanboygirlstatus kind a guy when it comes to her). Then again, I would do harm to the movie if that were all I was going to mention. The story itself was just great. At first I wasn’t all too sure about a movie with a guy and a teddy bear. Well, I was proven wrong. The movie was humorous and I honestly died from laughing a couple of times. Apart from that, the story was just good. A cliché, but one well used. So it did no harm to the movie. Another thing I liked was that TED was anything but childish. He was actually kind a clever and even rude. Great fun, believe me! So you should all go see it!

Either way, I had a great night with TED and my friends. We all agreed that it was a nice evening on which we all enjoyed ourselves!


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