It is been a long long time ago

Until yesterday the week had been a very slow one, because I wasn’t feeling all too well. Really, I felt just ugh and my voice was pretty husky and such. No bueno. It caused me to stay inside for most of it. Okay, I got to work and all as I wasn’t feeling really sick or anything. Yet, I also felt the urge to go out and just do stuff. Therefore I met up with a friend, who I had not seen in a very long time. So it was about time for us to catch up.

It has possible be for over a year since I saw one of my friends during college for the last time. Way too long, but somehow our agenda’s never seem to match. Therefore it was great to finally see each other again in such a long time, for old times’ sake. So we met up on De Grote Mark in The Hague, where we spend a lot of time whilst we were in college. A lot of good memories have been created in the bars around that plaza. Coming there almost feels like coming home. Though it took us some Tweeting to find one-another, because we both lost the others phone number.

Seeing each other again made old times return. We started of having just a few drinks at one of the bars. Getting up to speed on what we were both doing with our lives. Though we are both not in the place where we ultimately want to be, we have plans. He has a great idea for a new company. I can’t share much, but I believe he has what it takes to make it a success. It’s new and it takes guts to get it started, but with his creativity and drive he can make it. I, on the other hand, am still doing lots of writing and it’s really satisfying at the moment. Though, I ultimately like to do just a bit more than that.

After that, we met up with a lot of people he knows well and who I met on several occasions during college. It was great to say many of them once more. This made it really feel like the good old days. I had a great time, but forgot all about the time in the process. So a little a lot later that I hope for I got back home and went to bed. Then again, it was all worth it!


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