Swept of my feet

After I met up with an old friend on Thursday, I had to get back to work on Friday. Now I have never been good at getting up early, especially not after a short night of sleep. With his upcoming cold, it was even harder, because I didn’t feel all that well. Still, I pulled myself out of bed and got over to the office anyway. As I am really not the type to give in to a small cold in the first place. Not to mention some exciting stuff was still to come.

During my lunch break I went to my favorite Espresso bar Doppio Espresso to get my daily dose of good coffee and caffeine. Basically, like I do every day. I know is sounds like lame promotion, but when you are in Gouda, that’s the best place in town to get coffee. It’s a real treat, which I indulge myself with every day. So I got there, took my daily dose of caffeine and it made me feel better. Nothing like a good dose of caffeine, right? It got my half death brain going again, which was nice, because I was supposed to meet up with a real close friend of mine.

After work I went over to a good friend of mine. She first cooked me a delicious dinner, which I really enjoyed! After that we took the time to catch up with each other, because it had been over a month since we last met. This is a long time and time and there was just so much to share. The best part is that we can really talk about anything, which is grand. What made me happy is that we both seem to do really good. After that, we watched the movie The American, staring George Clooney. Not the best movie we have seen, but a nice one to watch in good company. After that, we did some more talking and watching television, before I got ready to go home.

On my way home I was contacted by two girls I know for ten years know, but never really met. They were in Gouda and willing to meet up. Even late at night. So I got to the bar they were and well, met up with them. I was a little nervous, but from the moment I saw them it felt right. It really all felt quite normal, as if I knew them for ten years already. We first had a couple of drinks and got know each other a bit better. After that, we went to a club to dance a little. Much fun! They were both real fun and amazing, just like I expected them to be really. Maybe they were even nicer in person. Either way, it swept me of my feet and confused me a little.

It is safe to say I had an amazing night, again! It meant a good start of the weekend I figure the day was as good as a Friday can possible get.


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