Three in a row

After two great nights out I found it was time to catch up with some of the sleep I had lost over the past two days. Moreover as I knew today would bring me a birthday party a friend of mine would throw and another night of clubbing. Therefore I refused to get out of my bed until late in the morning. I needed it, because I didn’t wake up until I heard movement somewhere in the house, so than I found it time to get out of bed.

After lunch with the family, my brother and I watched the Arsenal vs Chelsea game. The game is real London derby and the first real test for Chelsea, with their renewed team. Basically, all the ingredients were there for a lovely afternoon of football. It became an enjoyable, open and free flowing game, which Chelsea won. Yay! Yes people, I still love Chelsea. Even after all the defensive and boring games they played against Barcelona. Both teams tried to play an attacking gam, to entertain the people and secure a win. So it was a real nice one to sit down for and just start of the Saturday afternoon lazy and slow.

After watching the game, I got to the lovely shopping center of Zoetermeer. The new FIFA game came out this week and I just had to have it. So after I got the game, I went back home and just played it all out on my XBOX 360.

Later I got to my friends place for her birthday party. As she forgot the time, I arrived whilst they were still dining. Therefore I grabbed a chair and sat down at the table, with just a drink. Though, nothing was wrong with that. I enjoyed myself. I exchanged stories about high school, with old classmates from back in the days. When you come to think of it, it were brilliant times, with nothing to really worry about or anything. To be honest, sometimes I would love to return. Either way, I had a lot of laughter, got an extra desert and had time to catch up with some more people I had not seen in quite some time. Third time in a row.

Later on, I met up with some of my closer, nearby friends, to go out for the night. We went to a club/bar/disco in Gouda. Normally, a great place to go out, but it was a bit slow last night. Still, I enjoyed myself, danced a little, had a few drinks and basically, had a good time. This is the most important thing after all, right? Besides, it was the third night of partying in a row. So, a bit of a slow night wasn’t that big of a deal. After that, we wanted something to eat, but all the familiar places turned out to be closed. So I just had to catch a candy bar when I got home. Hehe.


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