No hope, no glory

It was late February when I visited Ajax for a European cup game for the last time. Back then we lost 0-2 to Manchester United, only to beat them 1-2 on Old Trafford a week later. We will never know what might have happened when we were not too overwhelmed by the opponent at home. Hopefully, they learned their lesson for the game against Real Madrid. Though, that might just a bit too much right now.

Before I got to Amsterdam to go see the game, I met up with my brother in Gouda. We had dinner at Gewoon Gouds before going to the game. This turned out to be a great way to start the evening. We caught up with one-another, as we almost seem to live separate lives these days. To just sit down and have dinner gave us some quality time. Though I might not say it as much as I should, I love my brother, so it’s nice to do stuff together. Like have dinner and visit a game of Ajax. So after our little dinner, we took the train to Amsterdam.

Like every time, my brother and I arrive way too early for the game. This gives us time to get our refreshments, see both teams warm up and find our seats. It also allows us to talk about the game itself and our chances, which were real slim against Madrid. All this ends the moment the two song built up to the game starts.

Just like the past two years our heroes didn’t stand a real chance against Real Madrid. Before half time the club from Spain was in total control and basically gave a clinic. Apart from the finishing, because Ronaldo scored the only goal before half time. Though, that score line didn’t really reflect the game flow on the pitch. Then again, this was hardly a surprise, because they are one of the best teams in the world. The quality of their players is nothing, but superb. So keeping to a one goal difference is an achievement already.

A few minutes in the second half, Real Madrid scored the most beautiful goal of the game. This seemed to seal it all, until Ajax scored. Our boys gave their all and tried to push Madrid back. Although, this created some chances, Real Madrid never looked like losing. Not even when Daniel Hoessen scored. After a couple of changes from the Spanish club, they took back the game and scored another two goals. Making the score 1-4 and leaving Ajax with another disillusion. Then again, who can truly blame them for losing out to such an amazing team? Not me!

Apart from the train ride back home, it was a great evening and despite the loss a real joy.


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