A lovely Saturday

Saturday started out as a little minor. First of all I had set the alarm to wake me up at ten o’clock. Well, it did so, but instead of snooze, I stopped it. So I slept on for another half an hour and got up way later than I hoped for. After that, I was supposed to meet up with a friend of mine, but she was forced to cancel it due to sickness. Not the best way to start my Saturday, but I wasn’t going to let these setbacks spoil the day.

After all these setbacks I decided to just have a slow morning and do absolutely nothing. This meant getting out of bed, make myself a breakfast and just watch some television. So the next hour I watched some lame basketball game between the Boston Celtics and Fenerbache. No great game, but that is probably the reason in aired on Saturday morning. When the rest of the world is watching their sons and daughters sport. After that I played some FIFA 13 and then had lunch with the family. Saturday is probably the only day that we really sit down to have lunch with each other.

With the winter fast approaching, I decided it was time for me to get a new coat for the winter. The one I bought last year didn’t look all that good anymore. So I wanted to look for a new one that would look fresh and fashionable. So I got myself to the shopping centre in Gouda. A place that is way too crowded for my taste. Therefore it took me ages to really get there and once I entered the shop I was horrified by the amount of people and especially the ones that brought their children. I like kids, but not when I am shopping. Still, I managed to find a coat that I found suitable and fitting for me. It’s a short one, comfy, warm coat in a navy blue color. In a later blog I will share more details, just to give you a good impression.I am really happy with it and I was also happy that something real positive happened. It turned my mood around really.

When I got home I watched Chelsea take on Norwich City. Not the best game the club form London played this season, but they won. That’s still the most important thing. The downside was that the broadcast company gave the most annoying commentator in the world. Then again, it didn’t spoil all the fun.

In the evening I visited a friend her birthday party. So that meant meeting up with a lot of friends and acquaintances. It became a real good night. I was able to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen in quite some time, so that was nice. It always good to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. I was also able to meet up with two or three new people. Since I love meeting new people, I really enjoyed that part as well. It’s always funny how you can have the best times and conversations with complete strangers, who feel like friends at the end of the evening. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, which is great. All in all it was a great evening, with just a few too many drinks maybe.


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