A navy blue winter

Yesterday I promised you all that I would show more about my new coat for this winter. When I made this promise, I committed myself to something new. Something that I actually find scary. Showing a picture of myself. I have been blogging for over two years, including my blog Experification, but always hide away from the camera. A tradition I like to break today, to make this blog even more personal. Are you ready?

Okay, I am under no way obligated to really show a picture, with my face on it. I could easily choose to make a few snapshots from the coat itself. Then again, when I am looking to make this blog more personal, more me, I think it would be suitable to show myself. Not just in words, but in images as well. Literally. Hopefully, you will all like this new idea, this new approach. So please, feel free to feedback me on this whole new part of my blogging experience.

For now, I would just love to show you what the new winter coat I bought looks like. I absolutely love it. The label said the color is Navy Blue and the brand is TwinLife. A brand that has been founded by the twin brothers Ronald and Frank de Boer. Two former Dutch football players.


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