Crazy Friday

The past weekend has been busy, but my week has been kind of slow as my blog shows. Nothing much happened really, until the last day of my working week. That Friday became what I like to call a pretty busy day. There were two appointments I had to go to, a little social event at the company I work for and of course, Friday Night Football with my team. All fun things to do, but a bit (too) much for one day maybe?

The day started off with a visit to my oh so beloved dentist. Don’t get me wrong, the man is good in what he does, but he is annoying. Especially early in the morning, this is about the time I always go there. Yesterday’s appointment was at half past seven. This is way too early for me, but I had other places to go in the morning. So I was kind a forced to go see him this early. On the positive side, all was good once more. Quite a relief, because there is no need for another visit soon.

After that I had to go to Hilversum. One of my clients asked me and an account manager top stop by and talk about business. I just love to visit clients. It offers me to see the face behind the voice I talk to on the phone. Apart from that, it’s a change of my daily routine and it always leads to more and better business. Regardless of the fact you help them with some kind of promotion or just solve a problem, there is always a return on investment. Today, the client wanted to talk about extending our mutual business in other branches. He just wanted to know what our possibilities were to do so. An excellent opportunity for me and the account manager to sell our product, company and ourselves.

Later I went back to the office for few hours of regular work. I knew there was some work that still needed to be done, so why not get right at it? Besides, our chairman of the board of directors married yesterday and his wedding reception was at the office. Where the facility service turned the restaurant into a ballroom.

As there were quite a few clients invited to the wedding reception, I got there too. I started off with congratulating our chairman on his marriage. After that, I caught up with a few good clients and just chatted away with them. Some of them preferred talking business. Others took the opportunity to talk about subjects we normally don’t get to. Basically the small talk. Either way, it helped to extend and empower the contact, which by all means is the most important aspect of such social events. At least, when clients are involved. Apart from that, I also caught up with some colleagues I had not spoken to in quite some time. All in all, I had a great time, until I found myself in places where there was simply too much mumble jumble and then I got myself home.

In the evening I had to play a game of football with my recreational Friday night team. We had a poor start to the game, but managed to minimize the damage until half time. We were down 1-2 and got the upper hand in the last part of the first half. Due to flu that is still bugging me, I had to be substituted at half time. After that, we gave the goals away way too easily. So in the end we lost with 3-6. With as absolute minor the fact that a friend got elbowed and had to be substituted as well. Apart from that, the rain was haunting our game, as the following photographs will show you.

After that, we had a couple of drinks, before I got home. There I almost immediately hit the bed and fell asleep right away. Exhausted, but happy after a busy, but good day.

Football in the rain 2

Football in the rain 1


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