Grandmothers’ grand birthday

Yesterday my grandmother had her 81st birthday. When you come to think of it, that’s quite an impressive age and I feel lucky to still have her in my life. When one reaches such an impressive age, I believe that every birthday should be special in some way. It makes you more aware that she might be gone soon. So therefore I wanted to give her something special. A memory and moment we could both enjoy and remember.

Soon as I got home after a day of work, my brother and I presented her with a present. We both agreed on taking her for a little dinner someday. Therefore we gave her a coupon for the worth of having a fun pancake dinner at this place she loves to go. Every time my grandparents and now grandmother decides to take her for a dinner, we go there. She loved it. It has been quite a long time ago since I saw her being so spontaneously and happy. Basically, the kind of reaction I hoped for when my brother and I came up with the plan. Makes it all the more worth it and I really look forward to go have this dinner with her soon. Just knowing she is excited about this, well, that’s such a good feeling.

It is also something she absolutely deserved. Especially since my grandfather, and her husband, passed away last year. Though this is her second birthday after his death, it’s still hard on her. Therefore we figured it would be best if she would celebrate it at our home and invite all the family there.

Unfortunately for me, a lot of her family decided to come over in the afternoon. This meant she and my mom and a lots of guest to host and entertain. Something my grandmother loved to do. She declared to be really glad she finally saw everyone again. She just loves to have the family around and I am happy for her that so many people showed up. Especially with the knowledge her best friend and some more family would come that evening. She really shined bright yesterday. Loved it.

Her best friend turned out to be the funniest and elder woman I met in a long time. She has humor and is quite the chit chat. Not to mention the fact that she remembered so many things from the time my grandmother and herself were young. Apart from that, she was so direct in approaching everyone. This woman truly says everything she feels. Amazing! She was really the type of person who gets along with everyone really well. All in all, my grandmother had a blast and I am so thankful for that!


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