Old friend, new city

Yesterday I went to Harlem to meet up with a good friend who has just moved places. Just before her holiday she moved from our hometown to the city of Haarlem. Yesterday turned out to be the first moment where we could both meet up. So we met up right after I finished my work at the office. This fortunately was a bit earlier than I finish usually, which spared me a full rush hour drive to the city she lives. So I had a headstart

We met up, as you all might expected, at her new apartment. A place that was not too hard to find, though some roadblocks made it a bit more challenging. I have to say, she moved to quite a nice apartment, with a great view. It’s not too big of apartment space, but more than enough for just one person. Besides, the view from her window is splendid and she lives really down tow. So all the shops, bars and restaurants are easily accessible, even by foot. When I got there, still a little later as expected, I first helped her to install the shower curtain. Only to hear the system can’t take water. After that we had refreshment and chatted little.

Later we got ourselves down town to this Restaurant called Doria. It was a lovely place to have dinner. Not too big and not too crowded. The perfect place if you just want to catch up with one-another. We both ordered Sate with some fries. When it arrived, it looked lovely. So, I am sorry I forgot to take a picture of it. I have to admit, it was delicious. As a desert I ordered their Tiramisu, with coffee flavored ice. Again, it was a real treat. The only minor was that the service was oddly slow. Not to mention the fact they were rude when we asked for the check. Then again, we just had a good time dining there, the food was great and therefore it makes a place to go sometime again.

After dinner we got back to her apartment for a cup of coffee. Something I felt I was in need of as it had been a busy day and busy week already. We chatted some more and brought up the unavoidable book Fifty Shades of Grey. A book I know believe is best read in English, because that makes the book even more powerful. We both love the book, but kindly agree that it might not be the whole truth when it comes to the subject. Then again, the books are fun and enjoyable. Later I had to go home, because I had to drive for another hour and work today.

I had such a great time with her and we both agreed that we had to do this sometime soon.


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