Fantasy Football

Since the beginning of the new NFL season I am competing in a competition of Pick’em. This means I have to predict which team is going to win and whether or not they will match the margin. I love it. I have this secret passion for American Football for quite some time now. So when it opportunity to prove my knowledge came along, I had to jump in. This week it got even more serious when I entered a true Football Fantasy competition.

Okay, I have to admit that this Pick’em competition is a bit of a stumble. I know something about American Football and its rules. Sadly, I don’t know all the ins and outs of the different teams. Therefore it occurs that one week I score many points and the next week In completely suck. Still, I believe to be doing just fine as I am in a mid-table position. Way above what my colleague predicted. This means that I am learning quick or that my knowledge was not as bad as he expected it to be. Either way, we have fun talking about it and comparing notes on the next weekend’s games. I guess that’s worth something, right?

After I started with this, he also offered me a two Fantasy Football teams this week. Someone people in is competitions stopped playing, so a team opened up and he offered it to me. Well, I just had to accept it. Not that I knew any of the players in the teams I got to manage, except for Ron Grownkoski. So he explained the whole system to me and last night I found out that both teams are pretty decent. Not good enough to win the competition, but they will do just fine. I am aiming for mid-table once again. Something I believe to be achievable. Especially since my colleague offered me a good Quarterback trade over the weekend. So I figure I am still improving.

Apart from that, I spend my Friday working, which was hectic. I had a training to attend and a lot of work needed to be done as well. As I managed to complete both, I was pretty happy. In the evening I had football (soccer) training and a few drinks with the team afterwards. So, just a relaxing Friday night I guess.


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