Again I started off my Saturday really slow. It must almost sound like a habit, but it really isn’t. Today, staying longer in bed really served a purpose. I slept almost through the morning, just to have breakfast an hour before lunch. Only to lay down on the couch and watch football through the afternoon. All in preparation for what the Saturday night was about to bring to me. Not one, but two great events.

The evening started with an Oktoberfest at my local football club. They threw this traditional German party just for the fun of it. In extend to this tradition there was German beer, Beer Stein’s and Schlager music. Not to mention the fact they made sure there were these traditional wooden tables. The whole atmosphere was just great. Add to this that most of my best friends joined me and you know it was just great. Truly, our group of friends is a bunch of knits and we always enjoy our time together. This time was no exception. We had lots of laughter, played a silly game and quite a few Beer Stein’s filled with beer. This only made the laughter louder and the atmosphere got even more relaxed. Truly enjoyable.

Truly the people who organized the party did a great job. Everything was in place and just fitted the theme for this party. Therefore I hope they will throw it again next year.

As the party at our club seemed to end early, we left just after midnight to go party in De Tof in Gouda. It’s a place we go to every now and then. It’s fun, it’s close to our village and seldom trouble. There we continued drinking beers and danced, a lot. It was just the kind of night you have every now and then. Everything worked out perfectly, we had fun, the music was good and the balance between both man and woman was good. It might sound sleazy, but is does make it easier to just have a good time. Either way, we just danced the night away, until the early hours arrived. Then we left, just to catch some sleep as we had to play football the next day.

Before we went home, we looked for a place to eat something. Everyone just seemed to be hungry. Sadly, there was no place open, so we just had to fill our stomachs at home. Then again, this did nothing short of what has been a spectacular night.


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