A weak Sunday

Yesterday’s blog showed how good of a night I had with my friends. It was truly one of the better nights we had as a group for quite some time. So I guess that’s something to cherish for now. Unfortunately, it came with a minor downside today. That crazy little thing I call a hangover. Not that much of a problem, because I am used to dealing with that part. Sadly, I had to play football today. Go figure how good it went.

You guys all guessed very good, because I played poorly. I had no real impact on the game and was lucky enough to not lose every ball my teammates gave to me. On the positive side, my bad performance did not stand out from the rest. As I play football with the same friend I party with, no-one played particularly well. Therefore it was a miracle we kept ourselves in the game until half time. Being 2-1 down. Sadly, the second half, when I let myself be substituted, was even worse. Though we scored twice, we let our opponents slip in four goals, causing us to lose 6 against 3. Not the best performance we had this season.

I have to admit that I felt a little weak for most of the day. We just had too much alcohol and therefore my system found it hard to cope with that. Mainly as I am not too much of drinker lately. Occasionally I like to have a beer or two, but rarely more. So when I do get drunk, it just takes me a little longer to recover from that than I was used to. Then again, that doesn’t really bother me. Especially not when I had such a good night.


2 thoughts on “A weak Sunday

  1. Haha love it. I hate hangovers.. playing football on a hangover? I can’t even imagine.
    Good thing you party with your football crew.. Smart! And I know what you mean about the long recovery, last time I drank it took me TWO DAYS to recover.. We’re getting old!

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