Business and football

Monday is never my best day of the week, because I am usually a slow starter. Not to mention the fact it’s that first day just after the weekend. Then again, this Monday proved to be different as it had more to offer than just the start. During this first night of the week I had to attend a company event, with clients. In the business club off the football club we’re sponsoring, Sparta Rotterdam. Quite an exciting prospect.

Within the company I work for, it is a tradition that employees go there with customers to bond. For me, it was the first time I was actually invited. Though that has a lot to do with the fact that this event takes place on Friday’s mostly. When I actually have to play football myself. So I was happy this game was actually scheduled on Monday.

When I arrived at the Sparta stadium ‘Het Kasteel’ I was welcomed by our facility manager PvR. He is truly the kind of man everyone has to love. No matter who you are, he will always make small talk with you and seems sincerely interested in everything you tell. Just as he did now. He led me up to our skybox, before our guests would arrive. There we were able to just talk to them and when it was time for dinner, he picked up again and showed me to the dining room. There I was able to make conversation with some other clients as well. I have to say, it was all arranged perfectly. The food was good, there were enough drinks and there was no stressing involved at all.

After a few drinks and a great dinner it was time to head to the stands and enjoy the game. Well, as you all know I visit the football games of Ajax every now and then. Therefore I wasn’t too impressed with the way Sparta and Volendam played. Then again, they’re ‘only’ first division teams. So I guess it would not be appropriate to expect the same level of performance. Looking at the level both teams play at, they put up quite an entertaining game. It did remain exciting until the dying seconds. For the simple fact that both teams were unable to grab the game and decide it. They kept one another in the game and luckily for us, Sparta was the one to grab the win in the end.

To celebrate the Sparta victory we all gathered in the skybox again and had some more drinks. I had the opportunity to talk to some other clients for a while. Something that is just great to create a bond. When they left, I talked to some colleagues I have to collaborate with. Just to see what we could do to turn these last few months of this into a success


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