A fantastic surprise

Despite the fact that Ajax drew three of the four champions form the major Football competitions, my brother and I bought Champions League tickets anyway. Hoping we could snatch a draw somewhere or play a good game along the way. After being ridiculed by Real Madrid, we had to take on Manchester City last night. As they’re the champions of England, we had not much hope for a good result, but who knew?

Just like we did at the last game, my brother and I first gathered at Gewoon Gouds to have dinner together. Since I worked all day, I felt the urge to have a good meal before heading to Amsterdam. Preferably without having to drag myself through the rush hour to get home. So we just decided to have dinner in this café/restaurant close to the office building. Besides, that place served great food and is the perfect place to just catch up or have a good conversation. After that, we went to Amsterdam, only to realize I left the tickets in my car. Halfway through our travel. As there was no time to pick them up, we had to ask the service center to help us out. Which they did, without much questions asked. Just our ID’s and the confirmation e-mail they sent after we bought the tickets.

Like we’re all used to, the Champions League match started at 20:45 exact. Not a second later. From the first moment on Ajax looked in great shape. We dictated the rhythm of the game and even created some small opportunities in front of the Manchester City goal. Then faith turned its back on us, because from the one opportunity the Englishmen got, they scored. Though upfront no-one would have raised an eyebrow on this score, tonight is was against the course of play. Still, Ajax kept playing well. They let the ball do the work and waited patiently for another opportunity. None came and if it wasn’t for Kenneth Vermeer they would have scored another. Still, Ajax got rewarded for their patience, because we equalized close to half time. A pandemonium got around the stand!

Inspired by the goal from the first half, Ajax continued to push forward. Pilling the pressure on the visitors from Manchester. That alone was shocking, because nobody seriously thought Ajax would stand a chance against the billion dollar team. Still, what everyone thought was impossible happened. Ajax scored 2-1 and grabbed the lead. Only to extend their lead after that. When the 3-1 fell, the pandemonium from the first half was exceeded. We jumped, sang and yelled for minutes. In great excitement. Despite the fact City brought some more star attackers, they could not find a way back in the game. Ajax dominated, dictated and kept the lines closed in the back. Making Manchester City look real shitty. Well, they were as they did not stand a chance between our beloved Ajax. A team that played with youth, whilst city bought some of the best players in the world. If that’s not justice?

As you can all guess I had a fantastic night. Beating one of Europe’s top teams is just marvelous and a moment I won’t forget easily. Despite the fact I ripped my coat, my night wasn’t ruined. Hell, I was so pumped up with adrenaline that I could not sleep until late at night. This was such a pleasant, but unexpected surprise! It even gives me the confidence to say that we might be able to grab three points against Borussia Dortmund as well.

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