A hard decision

Today I made a pretty tough decision. As you could all read, my knee has started to hurt again as the result of an old injury. It forced me to quit the game and to miss out on another last Sunday as well. That really sucks, because I just love to play football and all you know. Still, it happens to often lately and it forced me to think whether or not to step down a notch and see if my knee would improve from there.

Today I made the decision that there is no other choice, but to step down that notch. If I keep ignoring the fact that my knee isn’t one hundred percent, it will go wrong. There is still some scar tissue from previous injuries and I am not willing to push my luck. It’s better to step down for a while now than to risk never being able to play again, I believe. Then again, I know it won’t heal by just giving it a longer rest. I am just not sure what other steps I will take from here. Something obviously needs to happen in order to make sure my knee will stay fit and strong in the future.

Right now I am looking into the possibility of finding a physiotherapist to look at my knee. Just for a consult and maybe some treatment to get it all fixed up and such. Maybe even give me some exercise to make it a bit stronger as well. Apart from that, I am looking for information how to keep my knee and the muscles to support it better and stronger. Maybe I need to go run or hit the gym in order to keep it all together. I figure I will keep you all posted about that. I just needed to get this of my chest right now.


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