Owl ‘rocking the stage’ City

To those who follow my blog, it won’t come as a surprise that I love going to concerts. In the first weeks after starting this blog I did two of them. I saw both Coldplay and Nickelback back in September, which were both real excellent concerts if you ask me. Then again, that was almost two months ago, so I felt it was time for a concert again. So that’s what a friend and I did last Saturday. We went to see Owl City in De Melkweg.

We all know Owl City for his upbeat, happy, electronic sound. Basically, when you imagine Owl City play, you see Adam Young working the synthesizer. Therefore I was really curious what he would put up playing a live venue. Of course, I did my homework and listened to some of his live performances. They sounded excellent, but I never paid much attention towards their overall performance.

We only arrived at De Melkweg halfway through the support act, Mathew Koma. This had partly do with the fact that we used public transports to get to Amsterdam. Trying to park your car in that ciy is almost impossible. Apart from that, my friend had to work until late in the afternoon, so there was no room for us to leave earlier. Then again, De Melkweg is a small venue, so there is no need to rush if you have tickets. Apart from that, Mathew Koma was entertaining, but not an act to really remember. Then again, he did what Adam Young brought him on the tour for. Warm up the crowd with music that suited the audience.

After a little more than thirty minutes of waiting, Owl City finally entered the stage. Since I attended the concert pretty much with an open mind on what I was about to see. Well, they surprised me. Adam Young brought a full band, with drums, guitars, a lovely woman playing the synthesizer and another guy playing a keyboard. Personally, he kept himself to the microphone and a guitar. This already was surprising, but their sound was even more surprising. Performing live, Adam and his band put out so much more power than we were used to. It was a nice surprise, because it made the songs even more suitable to rock out to. It really got the whole crowd going.

Owl City 3

After seeing this concert, I can’t say anything other than that Adam is one talented guy. His voice is great, powerful and he can keep up with the up-beat songs for a long time. Another big plus was that his band was right up there with him. They kept the same pace, the same rhythm and even moving at the same pace, showing enthusiasm and just giving their best. They operated as a close united. A great scene to watch as a crowd, because it shows how much they love what they are doing. If I didn’t already was a fan of his music, this concert definitely made me become one.

Really, Owl City put up for a great night. This band surely knows how to perform a song live and put up a great show as well. Looking at the footage I’ve seen from his early years, he has grown a lot! For everyone who loves happy music and enjoys it to be played well live, this is the concert to go to. You’ll enjoy every minute of this amazing band. For sure I did! The only minor to the concert was that he left couples of his well-known songs and only performed for an hour and a half.

Owl City 1

Owl City 2

Owl City 4

Mathew Koma


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