Proud to be fan of Ajax

Vince Lombardi once spoke the famous words: “Winning is habit, unfortunately, so is losing.” Within these words lies much truth, but that’s a whole other discussion. A subject I will probably get back at later. Today I just wish to share that my favorite football team made me proud, not by winning, but by getting an unexpected and well-deserved draw. A result that, as a fan, feels like they grabbed a victory.

After seeing Ajax play live in their own stadium the Amsterdam Arena, against Real Madrid and Manchester City, they had an away game scheduled tonight. Against Manchester City, once more. Therefore my brother and I settled in front of the television, to see how they would be doing. We had a little bit of hope they would be able to get a result, because they grabbed the win last time. Then again, it would be a tough challenge as the Manchester City team held much more quality than ours.

I have to admit that Ajax got off to a flyer, scoring twice within the first twenty minutes of the games. From two different corners, midfielder Siem de Jong scored and gave us a comfortable lead. Sadly, that was the wake-up call Manchester City needed. They pilled the pressure on Ajax and scored soon after. Luckily, that goal weathered the storm and Ajax got a bit more hold on the game. Though City remained to be the upper hand party for the rest of the game. Therefore it came to no surprise they equalized. After that, it all got tense and it was nerve wrecking, for me, as a fan, to watch the remainder of the game. Therefore I was so proud when Ajax was able to withstand City with a lot of determination, fighting power and a little luck. A draw gave us another point over an opponent that predicted to be much better than our side.


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