A hundred thousand celebration

My other blog, Experification, has reached a truly magnificent landmark. A milestone really. Yesterday that blog got to a hundred thousand views. Way more than I ever expected to gain in a little over two years of blogging. Therefore I would just like to stand still for a moment and celebrate this. I mean, this is quite an achievement, right? Well, I believe it is and it makes me so grateful and humble. That calls for a celebration.

Yes, today I just want to feel happy about what I have achieved with this blog so far. I worked on it for two years, put a lot of effort in it and to see it pays off is just grant. So I figure I have the right to brag for at least a moment, right? A little moment before I get back to reality and look for all the things I can still improve.

Since the beginning of September I decided to change my blogging a little. The stories from my daily life, I transferred to this new blog. My opinion’s reviews and such remained with Experification. Simply as I felt that blog had gotten too big to just share what I was doing for my daily routine. Besides, I felt that I didn’t really choose a format, until that moment. Now, with hundred thousand views I have tuned that format a little and I will probably keep doing this, until I find the right one. For me. Either way, this does nothing short of the proud I feel by reaching this landmark. It shows I am heading in the right direction, which is important. Despite all the fun I have writing for you all, I feel like it should serve a purpose as well. Well, reaching that landmark is just another confirmation it does.



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