A Skyfall of pancakes

Despite the fact that Friday is really a regular day of work for me, the evening tends to be a great kick-off for the weekend. This weekend turned out to be no different from the previous ones. With a full schedule ahead, I was happy to be able to leave the office a little earlier than I usually do. This gave me some time to freshen up a little and just get ready for all the exciting things I had planned for the night as it would be a busy one.

First my brother and I took my grandmother out for dinner as we promised her on her birthday, last October. Since she wanted to have pancakes with us, we took her to this nice little place called De Pannekoe. It is a place where she used to go with muy grandfather as well. When we arrived it was still very quiet so we could really pick a spot and decided on a booth near the window. I have to say, the pancakes were really delicious. Though I forgot to take pictures, again. After that, we all had poffertjes, with Ice-cream and whipped cream. Truly delicious, that sensation of both a warm and cold sweet treat at the same time. Apart from that, we had just a great time chatting with each other. Despite the fact I see my grandmother a lot, it was good place to bring up memories. I liked it. Instead of sad, it made us smile. Thinking of all the things we did together, with my grandfather. Still, the best part was to see how my grandmother truly enjoyed having dinner with my brother and I.

After dinner, we brought our grandmother back home, stayed with her for a little more time. Just to chat a bit more. It was just nice to sit down and spend some more time. After a while, we left, because there were more places to go that night.

Later the night we asked our dad to join us for a night at the movie theater, where we planned to see the new James Bond movie Skyfall. Since he missed out on the last two in the movie theater, we felt it would be neat to take him. As we both knew he would never go by himself. So we made reservations, but still ended up on the fourth row. Then again, the seats were pretty good anyway. The movie itself was great as well. After Quantum of Solace being a little disappointed this movie lived up to the expectations. Daniel Greg became the James Bond from Casino Royale again. We was funny, he was tough and behaved like a good old fashioned spy. What I also like is that he movies become more realistic, with James Bond finally showing some human signs. Like bleeding. Makes it even more enjoyable. Apart from that, the plot of the movie was good and the end was just marvelous. Brilliant and simple.

The best part of the night was that I got to spend it all with the people I love. That is just grand. All by itself. When we got home, I poured myself a drink, sat down and watched some NBA. Only to find myself going to bed two hours later… As Philadelphia vs Boston was not a real good game, but sure it remained exciting until the very end.


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