A lovely Amsterdam day

Yesterday I promised two lovely genuine friends to meet them in Amsterdam. To make sure I would make up well on time, I set the alarm clock. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it right. Instead of the alarm going off at half past ten, my alarm sounded five minutes to eight. This is the time I have to get up in order to be one time for work. Then I set the right alarm, slept for a few more hours and then got up and got ready to go.

In contradiction to my usual means of transportation, I took the train. For several reasons. First off all, we agreed to meet at central station and what better way to get there than by train? Besides, Amsterdam is an expensive city when it comes to parking. So it was cheaper too. We agreed to meet around one O’clock and since I was a little early, I had time to get something to eat. After that, I hurried myself to the Starbucks inside the station, where we were supposed to me. Believe it or not, we arrived at the same time. Coincidence? Faith? Who knows. Either way, it was just great to see both of them again.

From there we headed towards the shopping center of Amsterdam, because we all needed something. So for the first hour we just strolled shops with one of my two friends looking at everything she saw. Not to mention she fitted a lot of clothes. Then again, what else did I expect when you go shop with girls? Besides, I didn’t really mind. It was fun. Really. After that, I found some shops I wanted to have a look at and we reserved the rolls. Now it was their time to just follow me and see what I came up with. By doing this, I had the advantage of two other people’s opinions when fitting clothes. Yes, I do I have my very own style, but it’s always good to have someone look at it, without them obviously wanting to sell. So I got home with a new vest and a new sweater. Happy me!

Over coffee we decided we were a little more than fed-up with shopping and decided it was time to do something different. So we went to Amsterdam Dungeon, which is the same concept as it is in London. You get into all kinds of dark rooms, with creepy looking people, telling you creepy stories. With the ultimate goal to scare the shit out of you. Well, if there wouldn’t have been a rollercoaster, they would have failed miserably. I am not the one to get scared easily, but when it comes to rollercoasters? Ugh! For the rest, I just enjoyed learning about the freaky history of our capital.

After that, it was time to have dinner. Since we wanted to go to the movies later, we thought it would be a good idea to have dinner in the direct area. There we found this little Mexican/Argentinian restaurant called La Mancha. It was small, intimate. Just the kind of place where you can have nice food and chat with your friends. Well, I have to say that their food was excellent and that is was affordable as well. Apart from that, the atmosphere was as intimate as we expected and the service top class. I haven’t been to many restaurants where the waiters were that friendly and caring. So if you like to go there, just click on the link. You won’t regret it.

The only minor of this great restaurant was that we sat down for just a little too long. So we had to rush towards the movie theater in order to be one time for the movie. We all agreed on seeing Paranormal Activity 4. Mainly as we heard it was a scary movie. Well, one of my friends really thought it was. She screamed loudly a couple of times at least. My other friend and I thought it was boring and were really fighting the sleep halfway through. Until we decided to whisper jokes to one-another and giggle. Just soft enough so the rest would not really notice. So I wouldn’t really recommend this movie if you truly want to be scared. If you’re faint at heart, go see it. You will shit your pants. Either way, I did enjoy myself in the end and that is what truly matters, right?

After the movie we walked back through the center of Amsterdam, back to the station. Quite a joy when it comes to a city so lively as Amsterdam We were joking, talking and already bringing back memories of the lovely day we spend together. When I was absolutely sure my friends got safe on their train, I looked for mine. Only to arrive home an hour plus some more time later. Exhausted, but feeling really happy. So I passed out shortly after, with a huge smile on my face.


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