A slow game

Last year I went to Hamburg in order to attend the game between Germany and Holland. Despite the fact that we lost 3-0 from our neighbors, I really enjoyed the game and the atmosphere in the stadium. Therefore a friend and I thought it would be a good idea to watch them play each other again in Amsterdam yesterday. We persuaded my brother to come along with us and looked forward to this game for some time now.

For my friend it would be the first time he got to the Amsterdam ArenA. So it was a good chance to proudly show him the home of my favorite football club Ajax. Though he was just a little bit sceptic about the place, since he is a fan of our own fierce rivals, Feyenoord. Then again, he lay down his pride and got the ArenA to see Holland take on Germany. Okay, that exaggerated, because when Holland plays it doesn’t matter who you are, who you support or where they play.

For a as long as anyone in my family can remember there is a fierce rivalry between Holland an Germany when it comes to football. A feeling that is empowered, for our Dutchman, by the loss of the 1974 World Cup final. It’s like a national trauma that we did all over again during 1978 and 2010 World Cup finals. Apart from that, a lot of people still hold grief against Germany for what they did during World War II. Even though it has been roughly seventy years since it finished. For some people the wounds still seem to feel very fresh. Either way, with this knowledge we expected quite a tough battle. Oh man, how wrong were we.

Both countries struggled with a lot of injured players, which caused them to call upon lesser players. So we were kind a disappointed to miss out on a lot of the super stars, from both national teams. After all, that is what you hope for. Now this would not have been a problem, if they gave it all. Sadly, they didn’t do that as well. Therefore the game became a boring, dull and slow game. A game in which both teams failed to create or convert any chances into goals. Truly, it was disappointing. Germany seemed to lack the will to go out and play an offensive style of football. Ourselves, we seemed to lack our creative players to complete the final pass and create chances.

On the other hand, we just had a great time together. We could freely comment, sing, clap and be annoyed about the game. Not to mention the fact that we were very much able to have a couple of great laughs together. That’s worth something as well I figure.

At the end of the night there was nothing we could say except for the fact that a draw was the maximum result. When there is only a hand full of (half) chances, a game doesn’t deserve a winner. Though a goal would have been nice for us as fans. Then again, who can really blame them for not going all out in a friendly? I figure maybe that’s the lesson to be learned here. Only get tickets for games that truly matter.


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