An Amsterdam meeting

There is this old Dutch saying about Amsterdam. Though I am not going to translate it fully, it would make no sense anyway, it comes down to this. There is always something going on in the city of Amsterdam. Quite a true statement. Regardless of the time or day there are always people around and things to do. That’s the reason why I like to meet up with people in this city as it demises the chance of it being a dull meeting.

Just yesterday I was supposed to meet up with a friend in Amsterdam. Still, before I got to the city I am so fond off, I decided to go out and have a coffee with my mother. It had been some time since we did something together, so on my day off I felt it was a good thing to do. Something we could both enjoy. We just decided to go to my favorite coffee house in Gouda, to finally have her taste their delicious coffee. I told her a lot about it, but never got the chance to take her there. We both enjoyed the coffee. She truly liked it, which made both me and the owner happy. Apart from the coffee, we found some time to catch up on things we rarely speak about. Silly, I know. Still, in our day to daily lives it’s just hard to find time and really talk.

After I brought her back home, I jumped in the car again and drove to Amsterdam. I was supposed to meet with her half past twelve and so we would have. If not for the fact that it’s really hard to find a place to park your car in that city. My goodness, that’s just a crime. It immediately reminded me why I normally go there by train.

We met up at her school, where she helped me out on a little Photoshop project I worked on. Though I believed I did a decent job (Hé, I am not a pro!), she still saw a lot of room for improvement. This she managed to do by chancing my font, the position of the layers and the text colors. Despite the fact that it may not seem that much, it did help me out really. Just to show you all, I will post it below this paragraph.

After that we both agreed to have lunch down town and shop a little after that. The downside was, we never really prepared for it. So we took my car to a nearby metro and train station, to find a ride right to the center of Amsterdam. Well, that seemed just a bit easier than it proved to be. It took us about half an hour to get on the right train, only arrive down town five minutes later. Makes me wonder whether or not it might have been quicker to just walk to there in the first place? Either way, we found a nice place to have dinner and both settled for a sandwich. Whilst eating our food an enjoying a healthy jus ‘d orange, we caught up.

After that, we did some shopping. Now I don’t mind shopping, but I have my limits of course. With that knowledge she really tried to push my boundaries, but failed at that. She is the kind of shopper I can perfectly go along with. I only mind going with the ones that take ages to move through a shop. Besides, she is great fun to be with an a true friend. Someone you always feel good about having around. Therefore time truly flew by and as we both had to head home in time, we got back the station. There we said our goodbyes and promised to do it some time again. A promise Intend to keep.

Now this would have already be a great end to the day, but gets even better. That is just going to be a whole other blog.


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