A night to remember

In my first blog about Friday I already mentioned the fact there was more to come. To be honest, it is so much more that it deserved it’s very oen blog. Without spoiling anything, I can tell you all that it became a night to remember. For a very long time. Not something I anticipated whilst driving home after a lovely afternoon with a good friend. Then again, the good things come when you least expect them.

When I came home a friend told me there was a poker tournament at my local football club. Basically, he was inviting me to come and I gladly joined. It is never a dull moment when we go to such tournaments. So I rushed myself to get ready and managed to be on time for the tournament. Only to come there and see there were fourteen people anticipating that night. Not that I mind about that, because it was a fun group of people. Besides, the tournament would only take four hours and none of us are real good players. This meant it would take all the four hours to get a winner anyway.

We were divided over two tables and started to play. Everyone was just playing relax and friendly, despite the fact that no-one really wanted to lose. Personally, I did not start well, lost a couple of hands, but slowly climbed in chips. To a point where I sat with the last three players at my table. This meant I was going to sit at the final table and play for the pokerface trophy. Just as I did two years ago, when I competed for the last time. Unfortunately, I played some hands badly, lost chips and found no way back in. At the end of the night I finished 4th, which was better than I expected.

As none of us really wanted to end the night just there, some friends and I agreed to go to a local bar. There we ordered a couple of rounds of drinks and just caught up chatting with one-another. It had been too long ago already. Whilst the night passed by some people joined us and left again later on. What really changed the night was when another friend left and threw my brothers bike in the water. As we all witnessed it happen, we pointed to him and he agreed to but him a new one the next day (and so he did). Apart from that, he got us some more rounds of beer. Though the outcome of that wasn’t entirely positive. Where some of us knew they just had to stop drinking, others continued. We all felt it was destined to go wrong, something that proved to be the truth later on.

On our way back home, it was safe to say that some of us just had a few drinks too much. They were unable to ride their bikes, so to give someone a ride home was out of the question. They already fell just standing with their bikes, so. Therefore we had to walk. As a result, another bike got stolen as some got into a brawl with some other guys that passed us by along the way. Luckily, we managed to find it back two hundred meters down the road.

When my brother and I got home, we both agreed that no-one would believe about these last hours of our Friday. That kind of stuff only happens in movie. The only thing it lacked as the Chinse gay guy and a monkey.


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