Another disillusion

With Ajax having completed two of its three home games in the Champions League, my brother and I had one more trip to make to Amsterdam. That was the one we made last night, when Ajax took on Borussia Dortmund. In the first game we played quite good and didn’t really deserve to lose in the final minutes of the game. Therefore we had good hopes of getting a result over these opponents this time.

Almost traditionally my brother and I kicked off the night having dinner together, at a restaurant in Gouda. The city that I work in. Of course we settled for the same place we usually do, called Gewoon Gouds. Their food is just good and still affordable. This gave us some time to just do the usual pre-game talk. During which we often talk about the chances Ajax stands against that nights opponents. This time we both agreed that a draw would most definitely a possibility. Not only did we play a good game away in Dortmund, but we also grabbed two results against Manchester City. A team that, despite them underperforming, remain champions of England.

When we arrived within the Stadium, we were presented with a nice surprise. A father asked us to change his tickets for us. As he sat right at the half of the field on row sixteen, it meant a huge improvement. The reason he wanted to change seat was so his son could sit with a friend. Who was on the seat right next to us. I have to admit, the view was excellent and we both were really grateful for this free and unexpected upgrade.

Sadly for the everyone inside the Amsterdam ArenA, the game could not compete with our seats. Ajax just lacked the striking power to make life difficult for the opponent from Germany. On the other hand, our opponents possessed some brilliant strikers, who had no trouble finding the net. Within ten minutes they grabbed the lead and little after halfway through the first half they doubled it. Shortly for half time they added a third goal and were cruising to a victory. Apart from a huge part of possession we didn’t make any impression. Though this improved a little through the second half, Dortmund scored another goal. Only minutes before the full time whistle was blown, Ajax grabbed the consolation goal. Leaving us fans with another disillusion. Sometimes, reality really sucks.

Another thing that I noticed during the game, was the passion from the fans who traveld with Borussia Dortmund. They were singing, jumping and chanting for the full ninety minutes, as if their lived depended on it. This passion and enthusiasm I really loved. Hell, they even made the stadium shiver on its foundation.


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