Jason Mraz made it a virtuous night

Since I started blogging I have been to a few concerts already and this week I had another one. A very welcome one after the night at the Amsterdam ArenA, that caused me mixed feelings. In order to get rid of this sour taste, I was going to see Jason Mraz perform in the Ziggo Dome. Well, who would not just love to see that? I know I was looking forward to this very concert for quite a few months already. So I was quite excited.

Though I really do love the music Jason Mraz makes, I wasn’t all too sure how it would work out during a concert. Therefore I didn’t have any real expectations going to this concert. No, instead I decided it would just be nice to be surprised this time round.

Since I wasn’t going to attend the concert all by myself, I agreed to meet up a friend two hours before the concert. First we would grab a bite and then attend the concert together. As usual rush hour caused us both to be a little late. Only to find out that finding a place to eat near the venue was impossible. So instead of a neat meal we had to settle for something a little less. Though, little? The Burger King isn’t exactly my favorite spot to eat when I am sober. Then again, we had to eat something. After that, we walked over to the venue, where things proceeded rather quickly. Pretty unusual as it normally takes ages to get into these places. Especially was within we found that the venue was almost sold out.

When the support act was about to come on stage, the first surprise of the evening came along. No other than Jason Mraz himself introduced Shawn Barry to us all. Sadly, after that the disappointment set in. Shawn Barry could never really live up to the expectations that Jason Mraz created with us. Despite his music suited the audience, his voice didn’t suit the music. It was a rather shrill sounding voice. This became somewhat annoying. Apart from that, the music lacked the passion most artist have for it.

Luckily, Jason Mraz made it easy to forget this somewhat horrible support act. That man is just virtue. Whether he plays the songs with his band or just acoustic and alone, he always does it brilliant. He really is the most gifted musician I have seen live until this very moment. He has such a good voice and plays his guitars extremely well. Not to mention the fact that he has so much energy that he can play a lot of upbeat songs on a row. After that, he easily changes to a streak of slower and sensitive songs, to play them just as brilliant. From the first to the last minute I kept hanging on very song he sung. In an extend to that he truly grabbed the stage, swinging and playing the guitar. All in perfect harmony with his band. Who were quite as brilliant as the grand master himself. He truly captured me with his overall performance.

Apart from that, he really reckons his band and the fact they are brilliant musicians as well. This he shows by all letting them anticipate in his show with solo’s and supporting him. One of his backing vocals and violin players actually got to sing the duet Lucky with him. I guess this is what makes the group look in perfect harmony and being able to anticipate on occurring events. His guitar players filled up the space when Jason’s guitar malfunctioned. They stopped playing when the crow sang along with the song, Just so Jason could hear it and anticipate to that. I guess that’s what differs Jason Mraz and his band from many other artists.

After the concert I got surprised one last time that night. As the venue was pretty easy to leave. They truly thought of how to get so many people out of there in only little time. Though I could not help myself, but buy a poster of Jason Mraz’s tour called Tour is a four letter word. One that now shines on my wall. The only minor bummer was the I got stuck in a traffic jam when leaving Amsterdam that night, because one of the main roads away from it was closed. Who comes up with something like that, right?

When I left that night, I truly felt that I was part of something that I will remember for years to come. I knew I witnessed a musician who was simply brilliant, magnificent and a true genius at heart.


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