Like the woman I love

Though we man might not say it as much as we should, but we all love a woman. Whether I’s our wife, mother, sister girlfriend or grandmother, there is a special woman in everyone’s life. All these women have the right to feel special and what better way to let them know they are than a song? Now I figured the majority of you all can’t really sing that well and neither can I. So I asked someone else to do sing it on my behalf.

So the following song I would like to dedicate to the wonderful, special and loved women I have in my life. My mother, my grandmother and two genuine lovely souls I like to call my friends. The women who I love, cherish and who will always hold a special place inside my heart. To let them know that they mean the world to me and regardless of what they do, which situation they’re in or where they go, I will always love them and have their back. To let them know how important it is to not only keep their love for others, but also keep the love for themselves. This song is even more a shout out to one of these two friends, who is going through a rough path. For the simple fact she deserves all the love that is coming her way.

If you liked the message spread in the song above as much as I do, please share the song and share love with woman who has truly captured your heart.


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