Hectic day, lazy night

683shopping_mallAfter an already busy week I still decided it was time to play some football anyway. To my own surprise this went pretty well, until the moment where cramp set in and made it kind a hard for me to play. Knowing there was a busy Saturday lying ahead, I called it a night and got to the shower. Okay, I stuck around for a while to have couple of drinks with my teammates, but made sure I woke fresh Saturday morning.

The first mission for my Saturday was to get a birthday present for my mother. Normally, this would be fun, because it would just take a stroll through a few shops. Sadly, my mother her birthday is at the end of November, a week prior to the Sinterklaas festivities. This means that when I go to buy her a present, the shopping center is crowded with people and crying children. Not something I particularly enjoy when I go shopping. Then again, my mother only has one birthday a year, so I guess it’s only fair to put some effort info finding her a gift, right? Besides, the alternative of shopping online wasn’t really there as none of the presents would be available on the internet.

Therefore my brother and I got the shopping center early in the afternoon. The lucky bastard he was, he found the book he wanted to buy for her in the first store we walked into. I on the other hand, had trouble finding what I wanted to give to her. So this whole shopping trip being a success mostly depended on whether or not I would be able to be creative. Since I knew she wanted to go the movies sometime soon, I bought her an arrangement for that. Though I could not find the DVD she had also put on her list. We went through several well-known shops selling this, but none of them had the one we looked for. This put me in a position where I had to turn to the world of online shopping or look for it another day.

In the evening we both had to meet up with a mutual friend of us. We agreed to go see the movie Taken 2 with just the three of us, in The Hague. As they have the better movie theaters is the area I live in. We all were in need of a comfortable and relatively slow Saturday night, because we all had a busy and hectic week.

Well, Taken 2 proved to be everything you expect from an action movie. It was entertaining, a little predictable, but packed with action. This time the movie, starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Famke Jansen, takes Bryan and his family to Istanbul. There, the father of the men he killed in the first movie plot revenge. He goes after Bryan for killing his son and a lot of other man, trying to save his daughter. This time the criminals only get their hands on his ex-wife, but it’s enough to call Bryan into action. Using his killing and research skills he gets to them and obviously kills all of them. Then again, that’s exactly what I expected from this movie and therefore lived up to my expectations. Either way, I enjoyed this relatively slow closing of the day, because the week had been busy enough as it came.


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