Birthday mom

animaatjes-happy_birthday-78959A couple of days ago I wrote about the horror I had to put myself true in order to get my mother a birthday present. Today finally was the day to present her with the little gifts we bought for her. Always a nerve wrecking moment, because I didn’t really stick with just the wish list she presented to us. So I was really curious to find out whether or not she would like the present that did not come of her initial list. Surprise mom!

Luckily, my mother reacted in the exact way that I hoped for when buying this present. With a genuinely surprised thank you, straight from the heart. Since she’s not going out too often, receiving an evening away was really welcome for her. Though she was really happy receiving a coupon for a DVD she wanted as well. Unfortunately, the mail man wasn’t able to deliver this gift on time. Therefore I made a coupon, just to let her know that her present was on its way would be delivered on short notice. My brother and father also spoiled my mother, by giving her some more unexpected presents. It’s just great to see her so happy.

When I arrived home from work, my mother’s aunt was already with us. She is 94 years old, but never skips a birthday. Seriously, how amazing is that? I believe it’s amazing. She is funny, a bit deaf and I never saw anyone enjoying eating fries more than she does.

In the evening the first half of our family came around. Since we have a big family, it’s almost impossible to celebrate a birthday on just one day. Therefore my mother made the decision to divide the family over Wednesday and Friday. Since I don’t see my family that often, I was glad they came on different nights. Her own family came on Wednesday. I had a fun time. It got a great opportunity to catch up with some members of the family I had not spoken to in a while. Apart from that, I caught up with a friend of the family and chatted away with my niece on the concerts we’re going to see together next year. That’s just a great thing, to catch up with people you don’t see or talk to everyday. Just to let it remind yourself how wonderful they can truly be.

Looking back at the day, my mother truly had a good birthday. She smiled a lot and she had a lot of fun. Especially as the group of family wasn’t too big. So she had time to talk to people and was truly spoiled. Something she didn’t really expect. I figure everyone just figured she deserved it after a rough year.


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