Sinterklaas shopping

sinterklaas (1)With only five more days until Sinterklaas evening, I had to get out and buy the last presents that I was still looking for. Like every year I still had to go out the last weekend to get the last presents I needed to buy. Hoping it would not have sold out, yet. So yesterday I head to the shopping center (again) knowing what horror I would have to go through. Then again, isn’t that part of the holiday spirit?

A few weeks ago I picked the list off my father. this meant I had to go giftshopping for my old man. One of the hardest parts about buying presents for others is decide which ones they like best. The lists people provide you with is often extensive. Just to give you other ideas when the gift they actually look for is out of stock. Now having to buy something for someone you know well is a lot easier, but still hard. So with his with list in hand and a good idea of what he likes and what he does not, I drove to a shopping mall nearby. To find out something I already knee behore leaving, it was way t crowded to my own personal liking.

First of all I looked for shower gel, because he just likes to have a good one. Sadly, the ones he really likes were no longer available. Casino me to change plans. So I figured the best alternative would be to give him a liquor store gift card. He likes to have an occasional drink, but his favorites far exceeded the pre-determined budget. Since that wasn’t too hard to find, I had some time left to go shop around in the first place. It was only them when I truly saw the perfect gift to present my Catherine with. A box that mixed choclate with some of his favorite liquors. Knowing what I had already bought, it became a huge dilema.

Then again, there wasn’t a real dilema. The solution was both simple and satisfying. I bought the box of choclate for my father and got another gift card for my mother. At this shop she just loves to shop. Just so I could surprise them with a little gift the next morning, waitng in their shoes in front of the fire place.


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