Sinterklaas Evening

gedichtensintSinterklaas is somewhat of a tradition in Holland and especially within my family. We have been celebrating this since I was like one year old and never stopped doing so after. So despite the fact that I am 25 years old already, it always remains an exciting day. Already for the fact people are finally going to read the poems I wrote out loud. Now allow me to take you all through one of these Sinterklaas evenings.

This year’s Sinterklaas I celebrated with my parents, my grandmother, my brother and his girlfriend. I started with my father carrying two bags of presents in the room. Okay, they were only filled until half way, but still. It was a lot more than I really expected. So we started off with a few regular gifts, that didn’t come with a poem. Just to get the spirit going for a bit more, but after a few presents the fun could really begin.

My father finally got his gift that came with a poem. He looked a little shocked at the one he got, because I made it extensive, to say the least. So it took him quite some time to read it out loud. Then again, it was more than worth it. The first part contained a serious message, but through the second part we could not stop laughing.

Personally, I got also pranked, by my brothers girlfriend. When I got a gift, without a poem, I thought I just received a gift card for the movie theater. Oh, I was so wrong. When I opened the box there was a sign with jammer (too bad). I have to admit, it was truly funny and really unexpected. Loved it.

foto 2

After a while, the actual present was presented to me and this one came with a poem. Quite an extensive one, but it was brilliant. For someone who is relatively knew, she made a superb poem. I can’t really think of anyone within my family who could do a better job. So I will keep this one for quite some time.

foto 5

When I opened the present I was a little scared. For a moment I thought she had bought me the worst movie I ever saw. One so bad I didn’t even blog about it. Namely, Prometheus. Luckily, it turned out to be another joke from her side. Something I could truly laugh about once I fined out she had been fooling me twice. Shame on me!

Worst movie ever

The actual present was the movie called Hooligans 2. A movie that was on my wish list and one that I really wanted to see. So I was truly grateful for the gift she got me.

The actual present

Looking at this present and all the other presents I got, I think I am pretty much spoiled. It got almost everything from my list, which I made deliberately extensive. Just so the ones who had to buy the presents could choose. Therefore I am truly grateful to see how many wonderful things I got. It think it would only be fair to say that I am truly blessed for that, right? Seriously, there was nothing more I could wish for or even think to wish for. It was just a perfect night. One to remember for sure.

all my presents


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