A snow cold Friday

mzl.zmhqfmwv.175x175-75In every song people sing about how wonderful it would be to have a white Christmas. Knowing this you would think everyone would be happy when Mother Nature decides to give us some snow. Since it’s only a few more weeks until Christmas comes around, now is the time for snow and such. Well, the opposite turned out to be true, because we could not cope with the snow that was falling just this morning.

With the knowledge of the upcoming snow and all kinds of weather alarms, I prepared well. I made sure my windshield was covered, got up a little early and even left a bit early. Driving carefully, because the roads were damn slippery. Figuring everyone else would do the same, I didn’t expect too much trouble, but ooh, how wrong was I?

Since the snow came a few hours later as expected, the snow didn’t fell until the rush hour started. Still, nothing wrong, right? Well, after I left the street I live in, the traffic jam already begun. There I came to a stop and only moved about ten or twenty meters every minute or so. The first fifteen to twenty minutes it was fun. Such delay comes with snow, but after an hour I just got tired and annoyed by it all really. From there I just wanted to move forward and get to work. Unfortunately, no such thing happened, because it took me almost an hour and a half to drive as much as ten kilometers. To finally arrive at the office space that I work. That’s just ridiculous. Even if I drive really careful.

Then again, I still got lucky, because a colleague had to sit in his car for more than three hours before getting to our office. Given the fact he lives forty miles away, you can all guess how frustrating is must have been for him. Spending three full hours in a car with no place to really go with it.

Mornings like today just show that snow is great on a Christmas morning, that it can be beautiful to walk through a white landscape. Unfortunately, it’s hard to cope with when you just have to go on with your day to daily live. So since I don’t expect the snow to get all considerate to fall on the side of the road only, maybe we should not wish so hard for it. I know how wonderful it can be when you’re having a few days of, but more of the time it just screws with your daily routines. And that’s kind a like a fact.



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