To have or not to have a car-kit

motorola_roadster_tz700_bluetooth_portable_visor_car_kit_4With my twenty-fifth birthday coming up this weekend, my parents have been asking me what present I would like. Well, since I don’t have the best car kit for my telephone, I thought that would be a nice one. With only three more days to go and a full agenda, last night seemed to be the right moment to seek and buy one. Therefore I headed out with my dad to the Media Markt in order to find myself one that actually works good.

We stopped at the Media Markt, because it seemed to be a good place to start the hunt for a good car-kit. I mean, it is the biggest hardware store in Holland after all. So what better place to find a good car-kit than there?

Well, that simple task didn’t turn out to be an easy one. Since most cars already have their hands free built in radios, there are no suitable ones for sale anywhere. The only ones they currently sell are the ones with that work on batteries and connect via your telephone with blue tooth. So there is no holder, not functionality with the radio and audio via the car speakers. The only they have is a loose device that should be clipped on the sun shield above the windshield. Basically, the same device than I currently possess.

However, with only two more days to go, I still haven’t thought of a good birthday present. So I guess it will be money for me this year. Then I can take some more time to figure what I would love to have. So I will probably get back at that later.


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