A friendly dinner with colleagues

sushi2-291x300In order to perform at a high standard, a department, within a company, should cooperate as a team. To achieve just that, a team building session or an occasional get away might be the perfect tool. Yesterday, the team I work in at the company I work for had such an occasional get away. After a few weeks of debating, we all agreed to have dinner together at a sushi restaurant in a city nearby. Just to meet one another in a different setting.

We all agreed it would be nice to have dinner at this sushi restaurant called Shabu Shabu. Though it is not really a sushi restaurant as it offers a variety of dishes. Basically, it offered something for everybody likes. Since I started the day off visiting clients, I was actually afraid I would be late, but the opposite happened. I got in two hours earlier than expected, so a few colleagues and I got there a little early, to have a drink in advance.

Whilst we were having our first beer already, more colleagues entered and the fun started. Really, we all have lots of fun working together and this only got better last evening. More colleagues joined, more beer was being served and we got a little noisy. Therefore it took the waiter a lot of effort to explain how we could order our meals, but with patience he managed to do so. Shortly after, everyone was ordering and it only took ten minutes before the first dishes were being served. Since all kinds of food was new to me, I just decided to try a lot of it. With three other colleagues, we ordered twenty dishes, most of them containing lots of meat. I tried almost everything and have to admit all of it was delicious. Really, the food was excellent.

Still, the best part of the evening was that we all had so much fun. There was laughter all around the table. That does tell a story, because our team consists of at least 20 people. Everybody seemed to have a good time and enjoyed the food. Therefore it is safe to say this does add to the team spirit. As the drinks flooded freely, we got our team manager a present. She had done an incredible job for us and she is always standing op for us. So she deserved it.

After that the deserts were being served, with a round of coffee right after that. To close the dinner. So when we were all finished, it was time to go home. We made sure everybody found their way to the car and headed home safely. Just to make sure a great night wound the way it was supposed to end.

d8jk7l00000397ds Sadly this picture is not of our actual dinner, once I get the real pictures, I will post them here.


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