The big 25 part I

BFF-Beer-Friends-ForeverReaching the age of 21 actually means you have grown an adult and responsible for everything you do. It’s often an age that is celebrated with big parties, but to me, reaching the age of 25 feels really like growing up. Yes, this weekend I reach my mid-twenties and somehow I feel like expectations shifted. Then again, that will be food for another blog. Right now I just like to share some stories and thoughts of my birthday weekend!

Yesterday I held a little birthday party for some good friends. I didn’t invite too many people as I like to have the time and place to have a word with all of them. Due to sickness and work a couple had to skip, but most of them made it. The first one showed up at half past eight and from there one after another came over. So it didn’t take too long for our living room to fill with friends I consider to be part of my inner circle. All of them were kind enough to spoil with financial donation for my expensive lifestyle. Haha.

Basically, my birthday party existed of just hanging out with some background music playing. Nothing too fancy, but really nice. As the evening proceeded, we drank some beers, had some good laughter and shared stories. Actually we did the things that friends do when they come together. Though we see each other from time to time, it’s not as much as we might hope for. Therefore we always have plenty to share. Besides, we all have lives of our own, so there is always something happening with someone. Not to mention the countless inside jokes we always seem to have as a group. I had the best of time just having all of my friends together in one room.

I am really happy they get along that well now, because it hasn’t always been the case. What’s better than sharing birthdays, festivities and party with all of your best friends? Sharing whatever experience is always best when all your friends are around, without having to exclude people, because they don’t get along right? So looking at that, the night couldn’t have been more perfect really.


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