The big 25 part II

urlNormally, I have a glorious morning after hangover when I celebrate my birthday with friends. Not yesterday, because I knew there would be a lot more family and friends coming over on Saturday. So to enjoy that day, I thought it would be best to wake up sober and without having to cope with a hangover. Therefore I hold my liquor a little. After all, I don’t need to be drunk to have a good time. So I was up for another day.

I woke up a little early, had breakfast and helped my mother to arrange the last things before the first visitors came. I knew it would be my aunt and newphew, because my father picked her up at home. It would have been a long and costly trip to get to our home, especially in the weekend. Therefore my father insisted on picking up his youngest sister. Sounds funny putting it like that, right?

In the afternoon a few friends from my parents came over, whilst I picked up my grandmother. Shortly after a uncle and aunt came over and it got pretty crowded in our living room. It was fun though. Most of them I had not seen since my father’s birthday in September, so it was a great moment to catch up with some of them. Though I sneaked out for a moment to drive my aunt to a local store, because she wanted to buy a docking station and radio for her iPhone. Apart from that, I just stayed in and enjoyed the company of family and friends who cared enough to drop by. I mean, most people start coming when you grow a certain age. So the ones who still care enough are ones to cherish, right?

The evening presented a similar situation. More friends and family came over, including three nieces. Where I haven’t seen most of my nephews and nieces for years, I have a special bond with them. We always go to one-another’s birthday. Ever since I was little we have been good and had the best of fun together. Despite a minor headache, I had a great evening and just enjoyed having so many people over. Besides, during the evening people came, whilst others got on their way. So it was crowded, but there were never too many people in the room. Therefore I got the chance catch up with everyone and no-one kept running with foods and drinks throughout the evening.

As the picture below shows, I have been more than a little spoiled with cards, presents and money. It was so much that some of it didn’t even fit on the table or in the picture. I figure that tells the whole story, right?



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