A shot in the dark movie night

20121225-010611.jpgTuesday is often a night where I train for football or otherwise settle in front of the television and watch football. Yesterday both possibilities were ruled out. There was no football shown on television and there was no training scheduled. Therefore a friend, my brother and I decided it would make a good night to go catch a movie. It had been a few week sinds we saw a movie together, so it got time to catch one again.

Then again, it wasn’t all that easy to pick a movie in the first place. We already promised out nephew to go see The Hobbit with him. The new Tom Cruise movie Jack Reacher only hits the theater today and our friend already saw most of the movies that were shown. Okay, he did not see all the romantic movies, but that was not what we were aiming to see. As you all might understand. Of course we could have easily said we hit the theater another time, but we were all willing to go anyway. So when my friend said he would not mind seeing Looper once more, that was the movie we chose.

Personally, I did not know much about the movie, so it was a shot in the dark. Apart from the fact that Bruce Willis had a part in the movie, I did not know much about the movie. On the positive side, this helps to keep an open mind when it comes to movies. Therefore only a few people Will be surprises to read that I was pleasantly surprised. Though I do not doubt my friends choice of movies, we tend to have different opinions on movies. Well, not when it comes to Looper. The movie truly made for a good night of entertainment. Okay, the movie started off a bit slow, but when it picked up its pace it got better. Not to mention good, because it provided some great surprises. The story itself might seem a bit strange, but it is original and never gets dull. A must see for all who love both action and syfy movies.

After all we were really happy we decided to go see this movie. We had a fun time going out with just the three of us. Though our friend admitted the movie was better the first time round. The only minor was the big amount of parking money that had to be pais once getting back to the car.


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