The days before Christmas

20121225-020645.jpgThe days before Christmas always tend to be very busy ones. There are the obvious parties being thrown by friends, the company I work for and such. There is often the late Christmas shopping that needs to be done. Apart from that, there always pops up the weekend before and I need to catch up with my blogging as well. To fit this all into four days is hard enough as it is. Now today I had to fit in working, a Christmas party and attending a birthday party as well. Challenging really!

I started of the day by pacing through my work at the office. Since most people take off the next week or two, they wanted stuff done by the end of yesterday. Just so they could move into their weeks all finished. It was quite a challenge, but I managed to pull it off. By the end of the day my mailbox was cleaned, which was satisfying and gave me some rest before the weekend as well. Nothing is as satisfying as completing a set goal.

After that I attended the Christmas party the company I work for threw. With some colleagues I decided it would be fun to have a few drinks and get some food along the way. As a precusion, I took the car. This obviously prevented me from liquoring up, where some colleagues did. It was good to see and talk to some of them in a frivilous ambiance. Having fun together just adds to the relationship with one another. As time moved on more talk and drinks were shared, whilst others started to dance to the music. Everyone had just a great time, including myself. There were a lot of happy faces and it was just the kind of night that would be remembered for a while. So many fun stuff happend that I was sad I had to leave early in order to attend a birthday party.

Since it was a good friend of the family, I could not let it slip. Besides, it often a fun birthday to be at. Everyone Sems to enjoy one-anothers company and jokes often flood freely throughout the night. Last night was no exception, though not everyone was in the happy place they wished for. Therefore the talk got a little more serious every now and then, but it still was a fun night. I stayed until way after midnight, then headed home to catch some well needed sleep. After a busy, but fun day.


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