Like the woman I love

Though we man might not say it as much as we should, but we all love a woman. Whether I’s our wife, mother, sister girlfriend or grandmother, there is a special woman in everyone’s life. All these women have the right to feel special and what better way to let them know they are than a song? Now I figured the majority of you all can’t really sing that well and neither can I. So I asked someone else to do sing it on my behalf. Continue reading


Jason Mraz made it a virtuous night

Since I started blogging I have been to a few concerts already and this week I had another one. A very welcome one after the night at the Amsterdam ArenA, that caused me mixed feelings. In order to get rid of this sour taste, I was going to see Jason Mraz perform in the Ziggo Dome. Well, who would not just love to see that? I know I was looking forward to this very concert for quite a few months already. So I was quite excited. Continue reading

A slow game

Last year I went to Hamburg in order to attend the game between Germany and Holland. Despite the fact that we lost 3-0 from our neighbors, I really enjoyed the game and the atmosphere in the stadium. Therefore a friend and I thought it would be a good idea to watch them play each other again in Amsterdam yesterday. We persuaded my brother to come along with us and looked forward to this game for some time now. Continue reading

Owl ‘rocking the stage’ City

To those who follow my blog, it won’t come as a surprise that I love going to concerts. In the first weeks after starting this blog I did two of them. I saw both Coldplay and Nickelback back in September, which were both real excellent concerts if you ask me. Then again, that was almost two months ago, so I felt it was time for a concert again. So that’s what a friend and I did last Saturday. We went to see Owl City in De Melkweg. Continue reading

Gone Too Soon

No matter how long people are in our lives, we always would have wished for more time. Saying goodbye to the people we love is just the hardest part of life there will ever be. The song I would like to share with you all today is about losing someone dear at too young of age, too soon. It’s about the all questions that will remain unanswered, all the things that will be left unsaid. Therefore I hope you will all love and recognize the song. Continue reading

How one song can change a weekend

After the birthday party my brother threw last night, I decided it was going to be a slow Saturday. The past week had been exciting and exhausting enough. I love how I did so many incredible and nice things, but it takes its toll. Since I have a fulltime job there is only little time to slow down. Then again, I wasn’t hangover or anything, so that slow Saturday turned out to be not that slow after all. So I headed out and got ‘busy’ anyway. Continue reading

Blown away by Nickelback

Sunday is a lazy for most people, but never truly for me. Half of the time I have to play a football match, which takes a lot of effort and time. Not today, but still it wasn’t going to be the kind of Sunday most people look for. A few months back I bought tickets for the Nickelback concert in Amsterdam and last Sunday night it was finally time to go see this Canadian rock band perform live. Continue reading