Friday = Birthday time

I love having a big family and all. Even more when I was a kid, because it always got me lots of presents for my birthday and such. Now my brother and I are growing older, it’s not that fun anymore. It often means that we have to celebrate our birthday two or three times at least. One time for the family, one time for friends of the family and lastly for our own friends. Last Friday the last group came over to celebrate. Could be fun, right? Continue reading


Busy Friday

Yesterday I started of the day by telling you how amazing my Coldplay concert had been. Something I am still truly positive about writing, because it was magnificent. It was the best concert I have seen in my life, for what’s worth it. The only minor downside might be that my legs and body were acing, with a busy Friday ahead of me. Still, I managed to make the best out of day I would have rather skipped.

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