To have or not to have a car-kit

motorola_roadster_tz700_bluetooth_portable_visor_car_kit_4With my twenty-fifth birthday coming up this weekend, my parents have been asking me what present I would like. Well, since I don’t have the best car kit for my telephone, I thought that would be a nice one. With only three more days to go and a full agenda, last night seemed to be the right moment to seek and buy one. Therefore I headed out with my dad to the Media Markt in order to find myself one that actually works good. Continue reading


Sinterklaas shopping

sinterklaas (1)With only five more days until Sinterklaas evening, I had to get out and buy the last presents that I was still looking for. Like every year I still had to go out the last weekend to get the last presents I needed to buy. Hoping it would not have sold out, yet. So yesterday I head to the shopping center (again) knowing what horror I would have to go through. Then again, isn’t that part of the holiday spirit? Continue reading

An Amsterdam meeting

There is this old Dutch saying about Amsterdam. Though I am not going to translate it fully, it would make no sense anyway, it comes down to this. There is always something going on in the city of Amsterdam. Quite a true statement. Regardless of the time or day there are always people around and things to do. That’s the reason why I like to meet up with people in this city as it demises the chance of it being a dull meeting.

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